Ep. 13 Predator (1987)


This one’s coming in hot folks, after some unforseen technical difficulties with the Conan episode we recorded last week, we’re kicking off the Summer of Sven with a Predator episode we recorded this morning. Whatever, this movie’s awesome and we loved talking about it.

Date Night: Wonder Woman


So this is a new idea we’re trying. In addition to our regularly scheduled episodes, we’re occasionally doing current movies as date night episodes. Going forward, we’ll be releasing these as Patreon rewards while the movie is still in theaters and then dropping them into the regular feed when the DVD comes out. We’re releasing the Wonder Woman episode early partly to give everyone a little taste of what these will be, but mostly to encourage folks to get out to the theater to help send Warner Brothers the message that you can make even more money on a movie that makes sense and is good. Go see Wonder Woman.

Ep. 10 Cutthroat Island (1995)


This time on Laser Discotheque we watch Cutthroat Island, the movie that took pirates out of the multiplex for nearly a decade. Renny Harlin throws good money after bad on an astounding scale, and after we had so much fun with Die Harder, too. Guess they can’t all be Captain Blood.

Ep. 9 Big Night (1998)


Today, we watch a perfect movie. If you’ve never seen it, Big Night is the kind of food movie that understands when adding one ingredient more would ruin the dish. Watch this move.. and then listen to our show. But mostly, watch this movie.

Ep.8 Street Fighter (1994)


We’re sick. And when we’re sick, we watch dumb movies we love. Get ready for one of the most bafflingly enjoyable movies ever made.

Any parts that make it sound like we know what we’re talking about are cribbed from Chris Plante’s excellent article here: