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Ep. 32 The Fly (1986)

Hey Everybody! We’re Back! After a summer of unpleasantness, we’re back here casting the old pod. This may seem like an October pick, but it’s really the episode we recorded with the ever-so-charming Epidiah Ravichol back in May. Enjoy the show and we’ll be seeing you with new episodes very soon.

If you’d like to see what Epidiah’s up to outside of visiting with unreliable podcasters, you can see more of his work at:

or on his blog at:

But if you’re anything like me, the thing that’s really gonna blow your hair back is his excellent Rockford Files podcast:


Date Night: Super Troopers 2

This time out, we’re catching up with the Broken Lizard boys and watching their sequel to maybe the biggest comedy of our early 20s, Super Troopers 2. Will lightning strike twice? No, no it won’t. But we had a pretty good time anyway.

Ep. 30 Manhunter (1986)

Here it is, the first episode of our month-long special event, Cox for Days. In anticipation of Super Troopers 2, we’re spending some quality time with one of cinema’s angriest dads, Brian Cox. Join us as we check out the most underappreciated role of his career, his original turn as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Michael Mann kicks off a franchise that just doesn’t quit in 1986’s Manhunter.