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Ep. 22 Get Shorty (1995)


This episode we’re headed to Miami, only to immediately leave Miami for La. Jeremy Greer is along for the ride as we watch one of his favorites, Get Shorty. It’s the Cadillac of Podcasts.


Ep. 21 Time After Time (1979)

This time we’re taking it off-road again with a movie we’ve never seen before, Time After Time. If this movie is to be believed, a date with ’70s era Mary Steenbergen is EXACTLY as much fun as it sounds like. Did you ever watch Se7en and think, “This is great and all, but I wish it had more of a Bullwhip Griffin vibe.” If so, have I got a movie for you.


Ep. 20 Creepshow (1982)

This one’s for everyone still rocking a spooky name: It’s a Halloween episode on November 10th. Topical!  This disc comes to us courtesy of Brandon McKinney and is proof positive that we have no business covering Stephen King movies without Autumn. Enjoy!

Ep. 19 Jurassic Park (1993)

It’s a Very Special Episode!  We watch Jurassic Park and recount our wedding on the Jurassic Park ride. Turns out Jaws was closed in 2012 to make room for Harry Potter.  Here’s the wedding photo. That’s right, we definitely had a seating chart for a theme park boat ride.

Ep. 18 Mallrats (1995)

In a very special episode, we finish out the Summer of Sven with one of our all time favorites, Mallrats.  Sven-Ole leaves his mark as perhaps the only man in history to look amazing in a mall cop uniform. We’ll miss you, bug guy.

Ep. 17 Conan the Barbarian (1982)

In this episode we got together with our good friend Joe Rodriguez to have a good time watching Arnold get stabby. We tried not to get too sad thinking about how much we miss Mako.

Ep. 16 Hard Target (1993)

We’re back from an unscheduled break and finishing out the Summer of Sven. This episode is all about face-kicking and bad Cajun accents. Oh, and surprise Wilford Brimley. Did not see that coming.